Tony Robbins UPW London 2019

UPW London 2019 with Tony Robbins in London 2019

We’ve heard from so many people that are umm-ing and ahh-ing about whether they should attend Unleash the Power Within 2019, live in London at the London Excel on April 11th, 2019. A vast amount of people that are still deciding have a few concerns that need to be put to rest before they can attend and a lot of these are regarding whether the event will be beneficial for them and is the cost really worth the event. We’re going to put to be these certain misconceptions about the event and I’m sure by the end of it, you will be snapping off your own hand to get yourself a ticket to see Tony Robbins, Live in London at UPW London 2019.

Unleash the Power Within London Tickets and Quotes

Is UPW London 2019 for me?

The main attraction to the Unleash the power within event is the fact that it is spread over 4 (albeit, LONG) days covering a huge array of topics that applies to each and every one of us. We haven’t actually come across anyone that hasn’t taken a considerable amount of value from the event whether it is for their relationships, careers, finance or even health and well-being. During the live breakthroughs that Tony Robbins does with some of the audience, you witness first-hand what it takes to break yourself out of emotions of suicide and unhappiness. At UPW London 2017, we witnessed a woman in severe depression literally snap out of it within 40 seconds – it was absolutely amazing to witness and it really does illustrate why someone like Tony Robbins is number 1 and why millions choose to attend his seminars. Now, we understand that not everyone is quite at the height of suicidal thoughts or manic depression but somewhere inside each and every one of us, there is one or perhaps even several parts of our lives that we wish to improve. If this is the case, UPW London 2019 is certainly the place to be. If there is nothing you wish to improve, then it is best not to attend. This shouldn’t be taken lightly but you will learn the tools to take your life and energy to a completely new level and no, we’re not just saying that. We’re still trying to find that one person that hasn’t found the event worthwhile, so if by mere chance you come across them, please send them our way as we’d love to hear from them!

Why do Unleash the Power Within tickets cost so much?

We love this question about Unleash the Power Within! And this is simply how we answer it. In our humble opinion, tickets start at a very tiny £599. Why do we say tiny? Well, how much does it cost to go to the theatre or a football match? Let’s say a minimum of £40 for a good show or a strong team. The average performance lasts approximately 90 minutes making it just over £26.50 an hour. Now, let’s apply this to seeing Tony Robbins live in London. Over 40 days, you’ll experience almost 50 hours of life mastery content giving you the opportunity to take your life to a completely new level. We aren’t using these words loosely, many have gone on to do just this before you. Now, if we apply the early example fo £26.50 an hour to Unleash the Power Within, this should equate to £1325.00 and these are completely different events of value. It is for this very reason, if you choose to attend the event, you will see the Solitaire and Diamond tickets completely full and sold out, each and every year and these tickets start at £2995 and £2295 respectively.

Tony Robbins London diamond ticket prices

 Should I take someone with me to UPW London 2019?

We’ve heard mixed reviews of taking a friend or partner with you to experience a Tony Robbins event although it is mostly positive. As we mentioned earlier, it is imperative that you are both looking to improve certain parts of your life and are striving to grow as people. If your chosen partner isn’t at the right stage or perhaps, they don’t believe they need to grow then you will more than likely not feel the real benefit of attending such an event. However, most people that have had a positive experience put it down to being able to share the experience with someone who is close to them and being able to follow through together once the event has come to a close and allowing their partner to hold them accountable and a constant reminder or refresher of all the tools that were shared throughout the 4 days of the event.

How do I get Tony Robbins London 2019 tickets?

It couldn’t be simpler to get your tickets however it should be noted, each and every year tickets sell out much sooner than the date of the event. So don’t wait it out, get your tickets now by clicking below:

Unleash the power within with Tony Robbins Live in London