Tony Robbins UPW London Reviews

This is a real life review from an attendee of Unleash the Power Within 2016.

I would like to share how UPW has changed my life since attending it less than a month ago.

Before attending I have constantly been stressed out about my business, if I’m able to make it work and should I give it up and return to work as an employee. The stress was so intense I can feel it in my body and there I days I break down because I just feel so uncomfortable with myself. I keep looking around at what’s missing in my life, what it could have been if I did not resign from my job and all that bullshit.
Thankfully that was the past! Big Amen to that!

The funniest thing was in my absence when I was attending UPW, my staff whom I have always been worried about close $5k of sales herself. When I came back i told her she was outstanding and express my gratitude by giving her a commission and some of my company shares. Since then she has been pro active in looking out for more business and I can feel her being motivated and positive. I took the leap of faith and hired another help and she will start in May. Yes! I want to grow my business!

My personal life have taken a turn too. Slowly and steadily I am feeling my confident self back through daily priming and excerise. The flood of gratitude and appreciation really helps and I started sharing about what I learn in UPW to bless the people around me. Many of them can feel the energy and took interest in attending UPW themselves! I feel less stress and when I catch myself doing that I will break that state either by jumping up and down, shaking my ass or turning that thought to what I can give thanks to. The realization that your thoughts can be trained and you need to stand guard everyday to feed positive thoughts and weed out the negative impacted me the most.
I am re-reading “Think and Grow Rich” and this time it hit me so more more than the first time. Because I understand the concepts more and can associate with it.

I had dinner with my family last night. It was simple but I enjoyed it so much because because I was ‘present’ and I really am thankful I have them supporting me and loving me just the way I am.

I want to encourage all Firewalkers to keep up the momentum and that Life Will Never Be the Same! I fully believe that I can feel it deep within that great things are coming. The tools are given to us, use them, embrace them, have faith! We attracted Tony and his teams into our lives for a reason and that is because we Firewalkers GET WHAT WE ASK FOR! The universe is ready, now it’s our time.

Stay Outstanding! — feeling blessed.

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